HIPAA for Business Associates


The solution that has been perfected for Covered Entities is now available for Business Associates.

Abyde’s fully automated software is the easiest way for businesses to implement and sustain internal HIPAA compliance programs, regardless of size or industry.

Seriously, it’s easier than watching paint dry.


The Security Risk Analysis (SRA), a key term in the HIPAA world, can send shivers down the spine of even the most technologically advanced Business Associate. So whether you’re a solo consultant or an enterprise software company serving thousands, we realize this is a heavy lift for your organization. That is, until you start using Abyde.

In minutes, not hours or days, you’ll walk through Abyde’s fully automated SRA that contains different versions for different industries. This means there’s not a worry you’ll end up having to answer questions not applicable to your operations (like the other guys), while allowing you to feel fully confident you’re meeting all SRA requirements.


Take our word for it – when it comes to HIPAA investigators, those templated, generic policies just don’t make the grade. And honestly, cookie-cutter? Not really our jam at Abyde. That’s why we tailor each of your required policies to fit you like a glove.

Worried about state laws and how they play with federal laws? We’ve dug through the nitty-gritty and woven any state-specific rules right into your policies. Combine this with the juicy details from your company profile and your SRA, and voilà – you’ve got yourself a set of dynamically generated policies that are as unique as your practice.

Nobody does it better than that, nobody.


We believe employee training should be engaging and straightforward, so we’ve designed it to be just that. Forget the endless policy lectures; our training is interactive and user-friendly. The self-guided employee training portal allows your staff to complete their training at their own pace and in their preferred setting.

Plus, with our automated notifications and reporting, you won’t need to worry about tracking completions or scheduling future sessions – we’ve got it all under control for you.


Executing and managing Business Associates Agreements (BAAs) has never been easier. With Abyde’s Business Associate Portal you can electronically sign, send and receive executed BAAs without ever leaving your Abyde account.

Don’t worry about remember to review them or get them resigned. As a bonus, the software will send you reminders when your agreements are nearing expiration.

We weren’t lying when we said there’s nothing out there like this!