HIPAA for Covered Entities


Not to be our own biggest fans – but Abyde for HIPAA is just so revolutionary, we can’t help it. There’s no software out there like it, and we feel it’s our obligation as the industry leader to keep setting the trend. That’s why we’re constantly implementing new features that make our software uniquely better.


The Security Risk Analysis, or SRA as it’s frequently referred to, requires all covered entities to assess any potential risks and vulnerabilities to protected health information (PHI) based on the physical, technical, and administrative safeguards that their organization has in place. You can think of it as a self-evaluation to get your HIPAA program started. Most importantly, it is the first thing a practice will be asked to provide in the case of an audit.

Our unique approach to the SRA is customized and tailored to you and your practice. Think of our SRA module as your own personal guide to help you identify vulnerabilities within your practice. We know that your practice is different from your neighbor’s, so as you answer questions, our intuitive software will only serve you the questions relevant to your business. Again, just another way we keep it simple.


Templated, generic policies just won’t cut it when dealing with HIPAA Investigators. Cookie-cutter really isn’t our thing either and that’s why all your required policies are customized specifically for you.

There are a lot of details to navigate when it comes to policies, but we’ve got you covered. Not sure if there’s a state law that applies to you? We’ve already done the dirty work and incorporated any state specifics that supersede federal law into each policy. Couple that with the information you share in your company profile and your SRA, and you get the perfect storm of dynamically generated policies.


One of the first official interactions you’ll have with our Customer Success team is the software training – and we love to make a good first impression. They will walk you through the ins and outs of the software so you can be as comfortable as you are on the beach with a cold drink in your hand!

Our employee training is both fun and engaging because there’s nothing exciting about staring at a computer and learning about policies and laws for hours on end. If you haven’t noticed yet, easy is a pattern with us and our training is no exception. The training portal is self-guided so your staff can complete it when and where you prefer. And don’t worry about keeping track of who has completed their assigned training or when the next one is due – our automated notifications will take care of that for you.


You may have third-party companies assist with everything from accounting to document disposal and telehealth services – and those that come into contact with PHI are your Business Associates. Working with your Business Associates can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, so we created something to take a bit of the burden off.

No longer will you need to download, print, sign, scan, and email agreements to your Business Associates (phew – that’s a lot of steps!). With our Business Associate Portal, you can manage the agreements without ever leaving your Abyde account. We will even throw in some reminders for when your agreements are about to expire – talk about a cherry on top!