OSHA for Healthcare


Abyde for OSHA Healthcare is here to make compliance seem like a long walk on the beach at sunset — simple and enjoyable. Thanks to our superstar team along with our pretty amazing software solution, your organization will be on the fast track to meeting essential regulatory requirements so you can protect yourself and your coworkers. We don’t just step up, we set the bar!


If you are familiar with our Security Risk Analysis (SRA), we’d like you to meet its new and improved step-sister, Facility Risk Assessment (FRA). The FRA will capture the meat and potatoes of your OSHA program – and who doesn’t love a good steak?! It will not only set the baseline for your practice but establish the safety and health standards for your policies and procedures.

And just like the SRA, we developed the FRA to be customized and tailored to you and your practice. Every practice deserves to have a unique experience, so as you answer questions, our intuitive software will only serve you the questions relevant to your business. Simple is our unofficial middle name!


With dozens (yes, you heard that right!) of different OSHA policies that could apply to your practice, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone else writing them for you? Well, we make that “nice to have” a must-have. We customize them specific to you and your state – none of those canned, templates either.

As you navigate through the onboarding process, we will collect all the data we need, from your required documents to your FRA answers, to dictate which programs and policies are applicable to your practice. Go ahead and ditch that binder because everything you need will be digitally housed in our Abyde software, readily available at the click of your mouse!


We would like to introduce you to complete safety and health training without having to shut down the practice for a day. Cover important OSHA topics from PPE to Bloodborne Pathogens with training modules that are relatable to the healthcare setting. Check annual training off your to-do list in the easiest way possible.

Within the new Employee Portal, employees can easily check on the status of their training. An all-in-one solution, they can watch the training videos, take their quizzes, and receive their certificate of completion. And we sure hope they’re proud enough to frame it! In the event they want a little refresher, they can always head back to the Employee Portal and rewatch videos after training has been completed.


If you didn’t know already, OSHA’s record-keeping standards require your practice to document any safety and health incidents that happen in the workplace. As always, we want this process to be as easy for you as possible – have you noticed a theme yet?

The two big players here are the Work-Related Injury & Illnesses Log and Sharps Injury Log. We hope you never have to use these, but in the instance you do, we’ve made the process painless as well… not a needle prick! But, should either of these logs be needed, we will navigate you through the process with self-guided play-by-plays and state-specific procedures.