Make the Most of Your Extra Day: The First Step of Compliance

February 29, 2024

Happy Leap Day! With the extra 24 hours, what do you plan to do? First, if you haven’t, remember to report your small breaches to the OCR today, but what else? I know you might say do nothing and sit on the couch later, and while that sounds great, we have some better ideas for you. 

We at Abyde believe in self-improvement and betterment, appreciating every day and making an impact. This once-in-every-four-year occasion is an opportunity to do something new and start a task you’ve been putting off. 

For many, this could be compliance. Compliance software is key, knowing your practice is prepared if used correctly. Investing in compliance software is a small cost compared to how expensive violations can be, with the smallest HIPAA fines costing $137 and the least expensive OSHA fines costing $1190.

While perfect compliance can’t be achieved in one day (if it could, we wouldn’t be here!), by taking the first step today and using Abyde’s software, compliance is easily within your reach, with us simplifying the process and being with you every step of the way.

Compliance is a continuous process, but it requires the first step to build that culture of compliance for your practice or organization. 

A culture of compliance takes time, training your staff, having all understand the importance of compliance, the precautionary measures that need to be taken to secure Protected Health Information (PHI), and ensuring a safe working environment for all. 

We at Abyde know how precious your time is, so we offer quick 15 to 20-minute demos and consultations

Additionally, Abyde prides itself on how we make the compliance process efficient and fun. Complete the once daunting Security Risk Analysis, or SRA, in minutes with our intuitive and simple questions. Drastically cut down on time with our dynamically generated Policies & Procedures, having custom documentation created for you in seconds. Learn from our numerous resources in the software on what it means to be compliant. If you have any questions, experience white-glove service from our team of compliance experts, only a short call or message away. 

While an extra day might feel insignificant, all it takes is that first step on the journey to compliance. We hope you enjoy your extra day, and make that first step by scheduling a short demo or consultation (Business Associates, click here, please!) with our experts today. If you still have questions, email us at, or call 1.800.594.0883.