The Power of Employee Appreciation: How Empowerment Benefits the Workplace

March 1, 2024
Picture that says, The Power of Employee appreciation, how empowerment benefits the workplace. Faded behind the text has a smiling woman high-fiving a male coworker.

Happy Employee Appreciation Day! We here at Abyde know the importance of empowerment, recently being named a top place to work in the Tampa Bay area by the Tampa Bay Business Journal (TBBJ) for the second year in a row. Our team’s dedication is the driving force behind Abyde’s success. Together, we are building a legacy of simplifying compliance for medical practices and business associates in healthcare. 

Our empowerment and recognition go beyond our Stress-Free Zone with arcade games and weekly catered lunches, but by fostering a supportive environment, competitive compensation, health insurance starting day one, PTO, and more.

Employee appreciation doesn’t only improve the happiness of employees, but also the productivity of an organization. 

For instance, company productivity is up by 31% when employees feel happy and valued. Investing in your employees results in numerous benefits, creating a strong foundation for your practice and organization. 

Healthcare can be notorious for high burnout rates, with about half of all healthcare staff reporting burnout. That’s where employee recognition is key, showing your staff how much they are valued and how much their work matters. When an employee feels valued, their job performance can be boosted by 56%, minimizing burnout

That’s why we at Abyde know how stressful compliance can be. Compliance shouldn’t be a chore, but a way to empower employees, creating a safer work environment and a culture of compliance

Truth is, we make compliance fun and simple (yes, those words can be in the same sentence).  

With our software, we take the stress out of the compliance process and make it efficient. Rather than stressing out over administrative tasks, like the required Security Risk Analysis (SRA), we turned it into an intuitive questionnaire that can be completed in minutes

Having to create personalized procedures and policies? Not a problem with Abyde! Our software does that for you, too. We will dynamically generate HIPAA-compliant policies and procedures for you, ensuring your employees can focus on what’s important, taking care of patients. We have numerous compliance resources for your team to feel empowered and confident while handling Protected Health Information (PHI)

Once again, Happy Employee Appreciation Day! Make sure your staff knows how valued they are today and every day. 

Ready to empower your team and simplify compliance for your practice/organization? Schedule a consultation today! Click here for Covered Entities and here for Business Associates.