Transforming Healthcare Safety: Managing Workplace Violence Prevention Requirements with Smart Solutions

June 27, 2024

Workplace violence, unfortunately, is a highly prevalent experience in healthcare. Shockingly, healthcare workers are five times more likely to experience workplace violence than any other industry. Despite the challenges, healthcare workers assume an essential role, and it’s crucial for staff to feel secure and supported in their environment.

Legislation at the state level ensures that all staff, regardless of industry, receive proper training and care for workplace violence. For example, California has passed a workplace violence bill, SB 553, which will take effect on July 1st. This bill will significantly impact workplaces by mandating expanded documentation, training, and other measures related to workplace violence.

While this is still at the state level, several states are enacting legislation around workplace violence. While California’s SB 553 is the first to be enacted, Texas is quickly following suit, with a similar law going into effect in September. As more states pass similar laws, they’re likely to become federal legislation, meaning regardless of state, it’s important to stay informed about new requirements. 

What is SB 553? 

SB 553, California’s workplace violence bill, is one of the newest pieces of legislation drafted by CalOSHA. This bill introduces new requirements, such as an expanded injury log for specific workplace violence injuries, thorough training, and a workplace violence prevention plan (WVPP)

These new elements will ensure staff is properly educated on this topic and that a process is in place if a situation arises. 

Similar to HIPAA documentation, this documentation must be customized to fit your specific practice or business. Using templates won’t suffice. In the event of a workplace violence incident, your team must understand the process for handling the situation and identify the risks and vulnerabilities that could most affect them. This involves outlining designated roles and responsibilities. This detailed plan is known as a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan or WVPP and is a new requirement in all workplaces in California (and more states soon to follow). 

This bill provides a detailed process for preventing workplace violence. If your practice already follows CalOSHA’s requirements for workplace violence in healthcare, you are exempt from this new law for the general industry. 

It includes requirements for thorough training, a workplace violence protection plan, and mandatory incident reporting. Just as sharps injuries must be reported separately, workplace violence incidents must also be reported separately.

How Managing OSHA for Healthcare with Smart Solutions Can Help

As new laws are enacted, old documentation and processes can quickly become obsolete. The compliance landscape constantly changes, so staying informed is crucial to safeguard your practice. Intelligent, cloud-based software solutions like Abyde receive frequent updates, providing your practice with the latest information necessary to keep it secure and compliant with new laws. Dynamic software also rapidly updates your policies, procedures, logs, and more, continuously updating your documentation with the latest developments.

Download Abyde’s Workplace Violence Prevention checklist today to see where your OSHA program currently stands to protect your business.